Polyurethane Pumpkin Mask

Project Info:

I made this pumpkin mask for a halloween haunt night at Warwick Castle back in 2016. After taking a lifecast of the actor, I then sculpted a design that allowed for the jaw to open and close when the actor spoke. I made an RTV silicone mould with a hard putty shell to give support when casting.

The mask was cast in Polytek Flexible Polyurethane Rubber and tinted with an orange pigment. It was painted using thinned down enamel based paints and mounted onto a leather hood with some blunt nails glued in place. The body suit was built was made from a morph suit, soft foam, liquid latex and acrylic paints.

  • Created by: K Meadows
  • Completed on: 25th October 2015
  • Skills: Practical Effects
  • Purpose:Performer Costume

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