Prosthetics Event

Project Info:

I created this character for the 2015 Prosthetics Event at Aston Conference Centre, Birmingham as part of the 'Portfolio Surgery' hosted by the organizers. I managed to get some face to face time with make-up effects artist Cliff Wallace and exemplify some of my own work for advice.

The mask was sculpted using oil based clay and I fabricated a matrix mould with a fiberglass shell. I wanted to cast the mask in platinum cure silicone but I was on a tight budget so I just slush-cast the mould with liquid latex and painted it with thinned down acrylics. The body suit was mainly made with soft foam and Worbla Thermoplastic. I used an old leather jacket and stretched the material around the chest section, then draped a costume store cowl over the horns.

  • Created by: K Meadows
  • Completed on: November 2015
  • Skills: Practical Effects
  • Purpose: Portfolio Surgery

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